Keep your teeth clean and healthy

The key to oral health is proper care and maintenance. You can schedule periodic exams and cleanings with Dr. Richard Whitaker to keep your teeth and gums on the right track. We'll help you avoid problems and are here for you in case of an emergency. Our high standards ensure that you will be more than satisfied with your smile.

Are your gums trying to tell you something?

Do your gums bleed easily? Have they pulled away from your teeth? Are they red, swollen or tender? Then it's time to get them checked before they get worse. Dr. Richard Whitaker will help weigh your treatment options to restore your gums' health.
New patients and emergencies welcome!

Set your appointment today!

"A healthy, beautiful smile is no accident. You will improve and maintain your oral health - no matter how old you are or what you need - when you count on Dr. Richard Whitaker."



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